Consultative Insurance and Risk Management Advisors & Brokers


Core Values

At CRA we are guided by five core values:

Integrity – The heart of all actions, interactions, and conduct, and indeed the basis of our stellar reputation despite being a “newly-formed” business. Integrity encompasses working honestly, openly, and ethically in all business dealings with Clients, business partners, and among ourselves; with respect and the practice of sound business judgment.

Commitment – To our Clients; to our insurance company partners; to each other; and to ourselves, to deliver timely and “best in class” service to enable the design, pricing and delivery of the most competitive and cost-effective insurance programs with broadest terms and conditions available in the current market environment.

Quality Performance – Commensurate to the above, a measure of the value we bring to our Clients and underwriting partners. It is not the same as “lowest price” for less-than-quality insurance coverage. It does relate to our consistently keeping Clients and informed about industry trends and developments, and sharing updated customer business plans with insurers, striving to avoid last-minute surprises or disappointments.

Empowerment – Encouraging our employees to take initiative, to permit them to recognize and to exercise their responsibilities, and to foster their personal and professional growth in ways meaningful to them and to their career, enhancing the Client relationships in the process..

Balance – Endeavoring to provide an exciting and invigorating work environment that also allows for balance to promote a healthy life and lifestyle for CRA’s important assets, its employees.