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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

How our Consultative Approach to Risk Management and Insurance Makes a Difference

The process of providing insurance quotations to clients has unfortunately become fairly standard among most insurance agents. (Ask some basic questions; complete an industry-standard “ACORD” form or a set of them; sometimes provide the prospect with a company-specific application or supplement; grab some loss history; then send that information to various markets and wait for a quote from the company underwriter/s. Some agents employ a “shotgun” approach, akin to a “throw it on the wall, and see what sticks” method.)

We’re not “most”; we operate differently—quite differently. We’re pro-active. We listen to our Clients and strive to act in accordance with their objectives. We engage our insurance partners. We involve our Clients.

Our focus is on our Client, not the insurance product, certainly not the “off-the-shelf”, unmodified basic policy forms offered by most insurance company underwriters. During our meetings with prospects and Clients, we gather a significant amount of historical, current, and future business planning information. Separately, we also conduct a great deal of research. As professional risk management advisors, our goal is to identify a particular account’s exposures to loss, whether inherent or acquired via contract or agreement, and to inform the Client, enabling not only its recognition, but understanding as well. Together, based upon the Client’s financial objectives and tolerance for risk, we seek to devise both risk management and insurance programs to mediate the risks if they cannot be eliminated or transferred.

By way of our Proposal we aim to provide objective recommendations and counsel by which informed decisions are made. During this review Clients understand why certain policies and coverage features have been proposed. CRA has the knowledge, resources and depth of experience to offer solutions specially tailored to the needs of its business clients within a vast array of industries.

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