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April 01, 2024

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

By Doug Sawyer | Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance provides important protection for individuals and companies providing professional services.


Mar 29, 2024

New Hurricane Forecast Cone Planned for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season

By Brett Romberg | Hurricane Forecast Cone

A new hurricane forecast cone is debuting for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. It may end up being very active.


Mar 26, 2024

Gold Prices Are Surging: Have You Had Your Jewelry Reappraised?

By Jason Kaplan | Gold Jewelry Appraisal

As gold prices have surged, your jewelry may be worth more. To make sure you have enough insurance coverage, have your gold jewelry reappraised.


Feb 06, 2024

2024 Property Insurance Market Update

By Doug Sawyer | 2024 Property Insurance

The 2024 property insurance market will likely continue to see high rates and reduced underwriting capacity, especially the troubled Florida market.


Feb 05, 2024

Insurance Resolutions to Take Control of Your Business Risks This Year

By Doug Sawyer | Insurance Resolutions

Take control of your business risks with these five insurance resolutions that will help you prevent claims, manage costs, and avoid insurance gaps.


Jan 11, 2024

The State of the Auto Insurance Market

By CRA | Auto Insurance Market

Car insurance premiums are rising faster than inflation. Here’s a look at the factors impacting the current auto insurance market.


Dec 12, 2023

What's Happening with Florida Personal Insurance?

By CRA | Florida personal insurance

Florida personal insurance rates are rising. See what’s happening with homeowners and auto insurance and how to secure coverage.


Dec 11, 2023

Florida Developers Face One-Two Punch of Insurance & Inflation

By Doug Sawyer | Florida development costs

Rising property and builder’s risk insurance rates, combined with higher construction costs, are causing difficulties for developers in Florida.


Dec 10, 2023

The Role of an Appraisal Umpire

By CRA | Appraisal Umpire

When a claimant disagrees with the payout an insurer offers, an appraisal umpire can resolve the dispute as an alternative to a lawsuit. This process often goes smoothly, however disputes are possible.


Nov 02, 2023

Obtaining Condo Insurance for Your Association

By Douglas Sawyer | Condo insurance

With new regulations going into effect in Florida, obtaining condo insurance for your association is becoming much more difficult.


Oct 31, 2023

The Current State of Flood Insurance

By Barbara Owens | Flood insurance

If your NFIP flood insurance policy is renewing soon, the new risk rating system may result in a higher or lower premium than before.


Oct 25, 2023

Anatomy of an HOA Insurance Policy

By Douglas Sawyer | HOA insurance

Do you know what your HOA insurance covers? Here’s a look at common coverage, common exclusions, and what you should consider adding.


Oct 5, 2023

Managing and Insuring Vacant Properties

By CRA | Insuring vacant properties

Vacant buildings have unique risks, so managing and insuring vacant properties requires specialized insurance coverage.


Oct 6, 2023

What Is Parametric Insurance and Why Are Property Owners Using It?

By CRA | Parametric Insurance

Property insurers are restricting coverage in response to rising losses. This is causing property owners to turn to parametric insurance solutions.

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